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Extend Valora using Hooks

If you're want to start coding, see check out the Live Preview and the example application with hook implementations.

Valora Hooks is a system that allows developers to extend Valora by writing short programs called "hooks". Valora will call hooks in response to certain in-app or blockchain events and use the results from hooks to extend Valora's functionality.

Valora Hooks is currently an experimental feature in Valora. We are developing the Valora Hooks system incrementally based on feedback from developers. Eventually we hope developers will be able to publish hooks that users can enable or disable at will.

Example: position pricing

Users often hold asset-like positions with dapps that are specific to the dapp implementation. For example, DeFi dapps implement yield farms with smart contracts specific to the dapp and these contracts track each users' state in the yield farm, like liquidity and unclaimed rewards. A developer can implement a Valora hook to detect these types of positions and price them. If a user is yield farming they will see their yield farm positions directly in Valora.

Developing a hook

A developer can write a short TypeScript program that handles a specific hook type. A user's Valora wallet passes information to the hook, the hook executes in an isolated environment and returns a result, and Valora uses the results to extend its default behavior.

Currently all hooks need to be approved by a Valora engineer before being available to users in the Valora wallet. Please contact us if you're interested in developing a hook and haven't chatted with us yet.

Hook types

Valora supports or is working on support for the types of hooks we list below:

  • Position pricing: show a custom contract position in Valora
  • Name resolution: map an arbitrary identifier or name to a wallet address
  • Shortcut (coming soon): complete simple dapp (or inter-dapp) actions within Valora

We plan on adding support for more hook types. If you have a request please reach out on Discord.


#hooks-dev on Valora's discord.